Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Goo Hye Sun - gain weight can also be beautiful

In Korea,Goo Hye Sun(구혜선) has become a budding star idol because of her excellent performance in "Boys overs Flowers".Goo Hye Sun looks a little chubby in the past few days,but she did not follow the diet craze spree.

Goo Hye Sun pics
-Goo Hye Sun pics-
She said in an interview: "Because of too much eating, weight gain of 7kg. But now probably lost two kilograms. In order to restore the original shape,I will try a variety of ways to lose weight."

Recently,Goo Hye Sun appeared on the cover page of Cosmopolitan Magazine May 2009.

Goo Hye Sun pictures
hot girl Goo Hye Sun gallery
Goo Hye Sun images
ku Hye Sun pics
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Goo Hye Sun photos
Goo Hye Sun pics gallery

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Chomsiri said...

i like the third picture! her dress is so pretty!

Christina said...

@Chomsiri I think so. I like this style.

*Nehs* said...

love her! a a big fan of BOF!!!

thanks for the follow btw! <3

Anonymous said... god you're soooo beautiful goo hye sun....

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