Thursday, May 07, 2009

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Nude Pics Of Singer Cassie Hacked/ Leaked

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cassie is gorgeous and I am not hating at all, but I’m not buying the “my computer was hacked” story. Best of luck with those album sales though…

Cassie nude pictures which were just leaked online after her computer was hacked, you'll probably never forget her. The R&B singer (that's what she does, in case you didn't know, which you probably didn't), who's full name is Cassie Venture.
cassie photos
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Why are people so brainwashed by looks? She’s a silly, naive and talentless girl, who has been warped by the music and entertainment industry. She’s just as pathetic as Paris Hilton, Kim kardassian, that Cheetah Girl and the girl from High School Musical. They’re all pathetic! And your even more pathetic for supporting these girls who have no class or dignity...

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Anonymous said...

thats sexy

Anonymous said...

she was Manny on Degrasi the next generation btw

IRONICLY this exact thing happened to her on the show

Anonymous said...

Wrong.. Cassie Venture was not on degrassi. Cassie Steele played Manny on Degrassi.

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